Food Solutions

Why NuManna?

After comparing different products in the industry, our choice ended up with NuManna. NuManna distinguished itself for the following reasons:

Awesome taste  - It's important not to get jaded with the food we consume and our test rsults proved it - our kids want to eat NuManna again and again !

Quality of the food- The NuManna foods are GMO-free, offer high energy levels and offer a wide variety of non-gluten products.

Exceptionnal conservation  - The dehydration process employed by NuManna ensures conservation for 25 years if the food is stored properly. 

High nutritive value - A high nutritive value is required in our diet in order to remain alert in a high stress situation and to give your family the needed energy in emergencies. 

Affordable price - The price of emergency foods is established by taking into account the quality of the food and its dehydration process permitting a long conservation period. NuManna products distinguished itself again with their excellent price/calories ratio.

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