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Why Simple Pump?

We did our homework! Plan B Solutions compared different options available on the market until we found the best water solution for you. That is why we chose Simple Pump.

Can you name a domestic product which has a life expectancy of 50 years?

Offering items with long life expectancy is part of our mission to our customers. This action will reduce our ecological fingerprint and save our natural resources.


The Simple Pump company assembled all of the benefits of traditional pumps into one and improved these. They then looked at weaknesses of pumps, and got rid of these by improving their pump. The result is an extraordinary long life and efficient water pump which will last for generations. Easy to install, operate and maintain!

If you have a wood stove to keep you warm, candles to provide light, then Simple Pump is what you need to provide you with water! This pump can also mean the difference between having to evacuate to a shelter or remain at your home during a crisis.

Our promise: Plan B Solutions will incur no profits on any sales to developing countries through recognized NGOs. Access to water is a physiological fundamental necessity to maintain life. Due to lack of water, vulnerable populations are forced to migrate and in 2016, 65.3 million persons have been displaced due to this situation. (ref.



SIMPLE PUMP™ can be purchased with a 12V or 24V motor.

When you have a bigger need of water, Simple Pump can be converted from hand pump to electrical pump. Adapters can be easily fitted to your Simple Pump in order to operate in all temperatures. The adapters are conceived by a high precision computer to ensure efficiency and uncompromised high life cycle. It takes about 10 minutes to convert your Simple Pump from hand-pump to electrical, and you can easily reverse this if needed. The electrical motors are protected against EMPs, like the 1988 electrical outage where electricity was lost due to this phenomenon.

12V DC Motor 105ME/GM, 60 RPM, 1/5 HP at $1115.00

24V DC Motor at $1150.00

Optional Solar power installation :

  • Independent : this kit comes with all necessary electrical components (except batteries). Two solar panels are recommended in order to operate independently.
  • Direct Solar Power : functions automatically during daylight hours ex. Used to replenish animal water reservoirs in fields)
  • Simply connect the solar power unit to your electrical system for your pump


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Contact us to discuss your plans and we’ll help you figure out your best options with a free estimate.

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