The Windstorm Whistle (Orange)

9.00$ Prix

The more compact version of the Storm whistle, The Windstorm whistle has a slightly lower decibel rating than the Storm, but has the same waterproof capabilities, tremendous power, and sleek design.

The orange model.



Characteristics :

    • Some decibels lower than The Storm whistle
    • Can be heard 800 meters in the woods or 50 feet underwater
    • Has a patented double chamber design allows it to be blown when held right side up or upside down, forcing all water to be purged when the whistle is blown.
    • Has a high-impact, non-corroding thermoplastic protective housing is easy to grasp
    • Has a robust ring with lanyard in order to wear the whistle around your neck
    • Has a mouth piece that is made for very cold conditions that allow the whistle to be held by the teeth