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Steripen Pre-Filter – For water bottle

16.95$ Prix

The SteriPEN Pre-Filter removes debris from water so the UV light can effectively destroy the microorganisms in it.

*Forms water tight seal with SteriPEN Classic 3, SteriPEN Ultra or SteriPEN Aqua.


The SteriPEN Pre-Filter filters fits on 32 ounce wide-mouth water bottles and filters out particulates and debris.

When in use, pour water through the durable 40×40 micron screen filter cartridge to fill the bottle.

Then you’re ready to purify the water with a SteriPEN UV water purifier.

Remove the filter cartridge from the Pre-Filter, insert the SteriPEN into the center of the filter, flip the bottle, and agitate the water until the SteriPEN indicates the treatment is complete.

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