Set of Mylar bags

49.95$ Prix

Mylar bags give you the protection you need to keep your food for years.

Salt, pasta, sugar, oats and other grains are all vulnerable to light, oxygen and water. Mylar bags prevent these elements from damaging your food by blocking light and reducing the amount moisture and oxygen that can seep into the bag.



  •  5 x Medium Mylar Bags (20 “x 30”)
  • 10 x Small Size Mylar Bags (10 “x 16”)
  • 1 x bag of absorbents of oxygen (50 absorbents of 400cc)


Mylar bags offer great tear and puncture resistance thanks to their 5.0 mm thickness. Regular closure bags can be sealed with an iron or with the Hot Jaws heat sealer (*offered in option).

Our sets include sachets of oxygen scavengers. They will extend the shelf life and freshness of your food by removing residual oxygen in a sealed sealed container.