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Katadyn – Bottle adapter with activated carbon

24.95$ Prix

Bad-tasting or foul-smelling water is tough to swallow, literally. But hydration is life.

This adapter with an activated carbon cartridge makes sure your widemouth bottle is faithfully filled with clean, refreshing, crisp water – so pure tasting and chemical free you’ll want to drink even more. With a replaceable carbon insert, that’s no problem.


  • Attach directly to the end of the outlet hose.
  • When filling in the activated carbon, fine dust is formed. Flush out with the first litre of water


  • Technology: Activated carbon granules
  • Effect: Reduces chemicals and improves taste and odour of filtered water
  • Useful life: 200 litres
  • Weight: 59 gr (2 oz
  • Dimensions: Length 5 cm (2’’)
  • Material: Plastic, activated carbon

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