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About us

Our vision

In case of emergency, autonomy and resilience are essential in order to ensure your quality of life and that of those around you. Despite all the foresight of the civil security services, each individual remains responsible for his own autonomy.

Modern day lifestyle makes life easier, but it also makes us dependent of public utilities in order to obtain water, energy and food. It is in fact for this reason that the federal government, the government of Quebec and even many municipalities advise their citizens to maintain a minimal level of preperation if needed.

PlanB Solutions has evaluated the most performant options in terms of autonomy. You will here find top quality products that have all been tested in extreme conditions. We will teach you how to get the best performance out of them, so that they can become useful for your comfort or in case of necessity.

Our mission

Providing foresightful people with the most inovative, effective and sustainable products to meet their needs. Our Values Autonomy Education Durability Mutual Aid Confidentiality Be the ant, not the grasshopper.

Our values

  • Autonomy
  • Education
  • Durability
  • Mutual aid
  • Confidentiality

Be the ant, not the grasshopper

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